A Flexible Canvas

Duke & Parr is diverse and versatile. We have a variety of workspaces to choose from all with their own unique character ranging from 1,000 sqft all the way up to 14,000 sqft.

A new workplace culture in Liverpool

From Victorian iron columns and brickwork to raw shuttered concrete, Duke & Parr’s aesthetic is a visual journey through the centuries.

Our design philosophy celebrates the materiality of the original architecture wherever possible, allowing its natural character to be expressed.

We are stripping the building back to expose its best features and adding some new ones to deliver all the benefits that modern businesses need. Large, open, fully air-conditioned floor-plates, tall ceilings, lots of natural light and breakout spaces all come as standard.

A new workplace culture in Liverpool

private space

A new workplace culture in Liverpool

collaboration zones

A new workplace culture in Liverpool

meeting rooms

A new workplace culture in Liverpool

break out areas


The plans below illustrate some ideas on how different demises can work across the 2 floors. There are plenty of options that can be customised to fit specific needs with spaces that range from 1,000 sqft to over 14,000 sqft.

Ground floor

Ground floor


374 sqm

4026 sqft


128 sqm

1378 sqft


419 sqm

4512 sqft

floor 01-02 (split level)

floor 01-02 (split level)


1324 sqm

14254 sqft

floor 01-02. Alternative layout

floor 01-02. Alternative layout


288 sqm

3097 sqft


563 sqm

6065 sqft


433 sqm

4661 sqft

Floor 01

Floor 01


90 sqm

973 sqft


96 sqm

1032 sqft


242 sqm

2609 sqft


153 sqm

1646 sqft

Are you more Duke or Parr? Tell us what you need, there are many possible ways to make Duke & Parr your new workspace. 

Like it darker? We have 2 floors below ground floor level

Explore the basement.